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Lizzie Slowe

Lizzie Slowe

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About The Author

Lizzie Slowe grew up in North London, as a promising classical Cellist, and went on to briefly attend the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. After a few years of rebellion, she spent some time living in Brighton, London, living in a tipi in Wales and travelling in India.


She trained in Shiatsu and Chi Kung with the European Shiatsu School under teachers including Chris Jarmey, Julie McBride and Daverick Legget, and went on to study at the Shiatsu College with teachers including Nicola Ley, Cliff Andrews and Pauline Sasaki. Lizzie worked full time as a Shiatsu Practitioner and teacher and Chi Kung instructor in London, Brighton and Ayrshire in Scotland, in settings including addiction services, substance misuse centres, refuges, health centres and private clinics, and teaching for the European Shiatsu School.

Before her two daughters reached school age, Lizzie and her family spent two years living on a catamaran, sailing in the Mediterranean and across the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean. She then moved to West Sussex where alongside her practice, she pursued her childhood love of horses, and now lives with her daughters, partner, horse and dog friends. Bringing her Taoist skill set and open-minded interest to owning horses, she qualified in Equine Shiatsu and Equine Facilitated Human Development.


She has co-founded a not for profit called ‘In the Company of Horses’ where she teaches and facilitates, and also privately practices Equine Facilitated Therapy and teaches Chi Kung locally.

The Living Art of Chi Kung

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  • MRSST (Fellow of the Shiatsu Society)

  • Diploma and Teaching Qualification with the European Shiatsu School, Post grad Diploma with Shiatsu College and Teaching qualification with the Shiatsu College.

  • Diploma hons London School of Sports Massage

  • Reiki Master

  • Diploma in Equine Shiatsu School of Equine Shiatsu

  • Diploma level 5 in Equine Facilitated Human Development with IFEAL  

The Living Art of Chi Kung

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